Closed Door

9 septembrie 2009

She smiles, a brilliant and sincere seeming smile, she always does.....she has to keep on her mask. She has to be strong, she can't ever let anyone, anyone at all near her heart, the thing that beats inside her chest ...behind a protective barricade, one that keeps her from everything harmful. A pretty smile... that's all it is ....a fake pretty smile that never reaches her eyes. Day in an day out, in front of on looking eyes, it stays there like a pretty picture.... but when the day is done, and doors are closed its another world. No more smiles and pretty words, the truth is reveled.... a hurt broken little girl, but who would ever know? No one ever notices, no one ever asks.
They just go by the happy girl they see when they see her. They never question the dark circles under her eyes, or why she always wears long sleeved things, it's all behind the closed door.... blood dripping down the sink, tears burning her eyes. But she'll never tell... only smile... make sure your happy, help how she can... and soon enough... fade away. (de AICI )